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Transhumanism: (re)defining the person

ThinkH+ was invited to give a guest lecture on transhumanism in Professor Mercat-Bruns' course at the SciencesPo Law School, "Person and personhood". The aim of this course is to explore the definition of person and personhood, from both a legal and general point of view, including by comparing them in various legal systems. Our cofounder Hugo Ruggieri had the opportunity to present the legal issues raised by existing transhumanist technologies.

Artificial Intelligence vs Intelligence Augmentation

ThinkH+ was invited by friend and contributor Hannes Sjoblad to lead a debate on artificial intelligence at the 2017 "Futur en Seine" festival (8 to 10 June 2017).

This debate was held as part of a forum where the public was invited to participate and ask questions. Some of the key issues of the debate were: Should we fear that the machines? Will AI stop at taking over our jobs or will it take control of our lives as well? Should'nt we rather see the machines as tools who will make us healthier, smarter and give us even greater abilities? Is there an arms race between humans and machines and how do we navigate it?

Debating alongside ThinkH+ cofounder Hugo Ruggieri was Liviu Babitz, founder of Cyborgnest.

Transhumanism and CSR

ThinkH+ was invited to speak at the annual gathering of the French Christian Entrepreneurs and Leaders (EDC) on 25 March 2017 within the premises of the renowned French business school HEC. Our intervention, which focused on the regulation of transhumanism and the tools offered by corporate social responsibility (CSR), was part of a larger workshop focusing on the various issues raised by transhumanism.

Two of our founders, Lorenzo Colombani and Hugo Ruggieri, had the pleasure of addressing an audience composed of 50 entrepeneurs and leaders and discuss the questions and issues surrounding transhumanism. A summary of our intrevention is available here.

Is transhumanism a form of humanism?

In order to foster debate and reflection around the ethical and regulatory issues of transhumanism, ThinkH+ co-organized a debate and a conference at Sciences Po on 12 April 2016, which was attended by 150 people.

ThinkH+ had the pleasure to welcome the following guests to discuss this topic:

  • Didier Coeurnelle, vice-president of the French Transhumanist Association and author of the book "Technoprog",
  • Rémi Sussan, journalist specialized in new technologies,
  • Laurence Devillers, Professor and researcher at the "Laboratoire d'Informatique pour la Mécanique et les Sciences de l'Ingénieur" (LIMSI) and focusing on Spoken Language Processing,
  • Christian Béchon, CEO of the LFB Group,
  • François Berger, neuro-cancerologist, founder of Clinatec.

Artificial Intelligence: opportunity or threat for mankind?

On Thursday 31 March 2016, ThinkH+ co-organized a conference on Artificial Intelligence with Espace Numérique, a student organization focusing on digital issues. 120 persons attended the conference.

The purpose of the conference was to confront the myths and rumors surrounding artificial intelligence with the knowledge of actual AI specialists. We had the pleasure of receiving the following prestigious guests:

  • Jean-Gabriel Ganascia, Professor at the computer science laboratory of Pierre & Marie Curie University, and author of several books on the topic,
  • Rodolphe Gelin, research director at SoftBank Robotics (formerly known as Aldebaran Robotics), a company that designs and manufactures interactive humanoid robots,
  • Laurence Devillers, Professor and researcher at the "Laboratoire d'Informatique pour la Mécanique et les Sciences de l'Ingénieur" (LIMSI) and focusing on Spoken Language Processing, and
  • Denis Pasin, PhD in artificial intelligence and former CTO of Jam, a French start-up which raised several million euros.