Hugo Ruggieri et Lorenzo Colombani, cofondateurs de ThinkH+, sont intervenus aux assises des Entrepreneurs et Dirigeants Chrétiens, le 25 mars 2017. Ils y répondaient à la question “Réguler le transhumanisme : droit dur ou RSE ?”. Le présent article est un résumé de leur intervention. Le transhumanisme, que nous définissons comme l’évolution de l’humain au moyen[…]

“Would you like me to give you a demo ?” she asks, while putting on a sort of spongey headband and placing electrodes against her forehead. “This is what we call a montage. It is supposed to improve your insightfulness, but really it makes me feel better, it improves my mood.” Kate (not her real[…]

The question of where LGBT rights cross transhumanism can receive several answers. An obvious one is individual freedom of choice: individuals are free to act according to their self-perceived identity, or not. Another may reside in the use of reproductive technology by same-sex couples. Another, again, is the possibility of body adaptations for transgender people[…]

  Dans le cadre de leur réflexion sur la création d’un cadre réglementaire adapté aux biotechnologies et au transhumanisme, Sofia, Hugo et Lorenzo, fondateurs de ThinkH+, ont rencontré Isabelle Debré, Vice-Présidente du Sénat, membre de la Commission des affaires sociales et sénatrice des Hauts-de-Seine.    Madame Debré, merci d’avoir accepté de nous recevoir. Notre première[…]

I hate the term “biohacking“. Don’t get me wrong, I fall into all the categories I’m about to discuss here, it’s just…  biohacking is just doing biology. Appending the word “hacking” on to anything is, at this point, a blatant move to get some VC funding. When you talk with people about biohacking, you find[…]

Originally published on the Washington Post. Geneticists with good intentions could mistakenly engineer changes in DNA that generate dangerous mutations In April 2015, a paper by Chinese scientists about their attempts to edit the DNA of a human embryo rocked the scientific world and set off a furious debate. Leading scientists warned that altering the human germ[…]

Inventée il y a quarante ans avec la cryoconservation des spermatozoïdes pour l’Insémination artificielle (IA), et suivie peu après par la Fécondation in vitro et transfert d’embryons (fivète), l’Assistance médicale à la procréation (AMP) piétine. Après vingt années d’innovations et améliorations techniques, l’AMP n’a connu presque aucun progrès depuis vingt ans. Il est probable que[…]

Originally published on MIT Tech Review’s website Codes we live by, laws we follow, and computers that move too fast to care. Employers can get into legal trouble if they ask interviewees about their religion, sexual preference, or political affiliation. Yet they can use social media to filter out job applicants based on their beliefs,[…]

Originally published on the Washington Post. The future is moving so fast that sometimes even the futurists are unprepared for it. A student at Singularity University, where I serve as vice president of innovation and research, asked to wear Google Glass to class. Their request set off a lively discussion. The student inquired about using[…]

Originally published on You want increased intelligence, transparency, life expectancy and personal freedom? Curiosity is your primary motivation and you want to reduce or eliminate sleep? Welcome, you’re H+. [ndlr: augmented human] The Terasem Survey – a poll with 49 questions funded by Terasem Movement Inc.– was posted at from July 10-18, 2012. In that brief timespan, 818[…]

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