Is death a disease ?


Virtual think tank about transhumanism and AI

Scientific and technological developments are advancing at an unprecedented pace. The impossible is receding. In a world where we are able to isolate, modify and re-implant gene sequences, who knows what we will be able to do next?

However, with these exciting prospects comes responsibility. We must imperatively think ahead to ensure that tomorrow’s developments are subject to the right kind(s) of supervision and regulation, that the playing field is designed and maintained to ensure that the downsides of these innovations are understood and responsibly and thoughtfully supervised and, if necessary, regulated. ThinkH+ proposes to address this need for thoughtful responsibility.

ThinkH+ is a web-based virtual think tank and resource center, a forum for the public, thought leaders, business executives, policy makers and regulators to explore the realities of augmented humanity biotechnologies and, more broadly, of transhumanism, and to consider and design responsible ethical and regulatory environments.

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