ThinkH+ is led by a core team, which takes care of the daily management of the think tank, while the content is produced in collaboration with independent partners and contributors. Check out our Core Team below and our Contributors here!

The team


The founders created ThinkH+ out of the Sciences Po Law School Clinic. They manage the day-to-day activities and operations of ThinkH+ and oversee the development of the various projects. Learn more about the creation of ThinkH+ here.

2017/18 Clinical Team

The 2017/2018 Clinical Team is in charge of the AI Project of ThinkH+. Learn more about their work here.

Operational Team

The Operational Team works on all Projects and assist with all aspects of the management of the think tank: outreach, editing, social media, project management and event organization are among the tasks accomplished by the team.

2016/17 Clinical Team

The 2016/17 Clinical Team was in charge of asking the French National Ethics Committee a question around aging: is aging a disease? The three students from the Sciences Po Law School Clinic are no longer a part of the team, but their work for ThinkH+ was extremely helpful to move forward on this issue.